No Man’s Sky has a Sentinel Update that includes a complete Combat Overhaul

No Man's Sky's Sentinel Update will give it a complete combat overhaul. The update provides a range of new enemies and tweaks to weapons.

Hello Games, a developer of the game Sentinels, has released a new version today. Although Sentinels are already present in the game as robot enemies since launch, they will be modified in the update. Hello Games is also adding new Sentinel story missions to allow players to explore the range new features.

A high-energy Neutron Cannon and active camo cloaking devices are just a few of the new weapons. However, players can upgrade their weapons to increase their abilities or install an AI into their Minotaur Exomech in order to make it a personal guard.

Multi-Tool systems also have a visual overhaul that adds projectiles, beams and lighting effects. “A vast list of tweaks have been made to weapon feel, flow, and have improved weapon feel.”

The Sentinels are also getting an update to make it fair. A number of new drones have been added. They are capable of heavy combat, shielding, repair, and summoning support.

A Sentinel HardframeMech will be available for those who want a more difficult challenge. These new enemies are large, well-armoured and equipped with lasers and grenades as well as a plasma-powered flamethrower and a jetpack.

Hello suggests there may also be a Sentinel Raid of some sort in the form Sentinel PIllars. Hello states that Sentinel PIllars offers “exclusive rewards, mysterious stories, and awaiting those who breach its robotic archives.”

Sentinel Update Screenshots – No Man's Sky

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, spoke to IGN and said that it was the Will of No Man's Sky Community that led them to this combat-focused update.

He stated that Combat was long requested as an update, and that it is now possible to concentrate on it.

“No Man's Sky” is an exploration game, sure. But our universe has always had a lot more danger than we can imagine, from sentinels to pirates to dangerous planets to sentinels to sentinels. It's been about survival. I believe that increasing the variety and depth in the challenges will improve all aspects of it.

This is because combat is only one aspect of No Man's Sky's gameplay. However, it's common for players to spend 10+ hours on combat-focused missions and expeditions.

Nintendo can download the update today on PlayStation 3, Xbox, and PC. However, Nintendo Switch players will still be able to enjoy No Man's Sky when it arrives this summer.

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