Russia: Nintendo is the latest gaming giant to stop sales

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Nintendo has stopped all Russian shipments for the “foreseeable future”, but did not publicly support Ukraine.

IGN was provided with a statement by the gaming giant stating that Russia's rapidly changing market conditions made it necessary to make the decision. This means that it is not explicitly supporting Ukraine as other companies have done.

Update: Asked by IGN if the company would be providing a message of support for Ukraine, a Nintendo spokesperson provided the following message: “We would like to express our concern for all those affected by the conflict”.

IGN received this statement from Nintendo: “We have decided not to ship any Nintendo products to Russia indefinitely.” Because of the volatility in logistics for shipping and distributing physical goods, this decision was made.

The Russian eShop has been put into maintenance mode on March 7. This means that no one in Russia can buy games or other digital content. This was not in support of Ukraine. Nintendo announced that their payment system had stopped processing Russian rubles. The eShop was forced to close temporarily.

Yesterday, Nintendo also indefinitely delayed Advace Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp “in light of recent world events”.

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Both Xbox and PlayStation have stopped selling their consoles and software to Russia. They sent explicit messages of support to Ukraine in the midst of the war, which was not like Nintendo.

The companies responded to a request from Ukraine's deputy prime Minister, asking “all game developers” for temporary end of support in Russia or Belarus.

This guide will help you to assist the Ukrainian civilians. It also includes information about a variety of charities that accept donations in order to aid the country.

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