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The Borderlands series is known for many things. But the most notable feature is its large collection of guns. These range from basic revolvers that you might see in a Western to more elaborate and bizarre creations such as The Eridian Fabricator, the “Gun Gun” that fires guns. This amazing variety can be attributed to both the Gearbox weapons team and their modular weapon system.

Each gun has its own set of parts and pieces. This modern alchemy, known as “random numbers generation,” makes it almost impossible to count the number of weapons in Borderlands. Gearbox added to the formula with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands by introducing melee weapons as well as wands.

Rhymes with “Hey-Lay”

Yes, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands does have guns. They are numerous. One of the most interesting new additions to Borderlands is the melee weapons, which are based on the modular weapons system. Although it's quite complex and hard to notice, the effects of this system are obvious in the many melee weapons that you can find on your travels.

There are many options within each weapon class.

It's not about the number of weapons; it's the variety among the classes of weapons. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands melee weapon comes in four flavors: two-handed blades and swords, as well as blunt weapons such hammers or morningstars. There are dozens options for each weapon class. Asia Hawkins, lead weapon artist, said that 12 different blade types are found in the sword weapons category alone. She also noted that the modular system for melee weapons was completely new. I'll be covering guns later. Hawkins called it “ridiculous stuff in the best sense.”

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Custom-Character Sampler

Mods are available on the hilt as well as the blade for swords. While you are using the sword, the hilt mods give bonuses to your character. Hawkins shared an example of a mod that gathers ammo during melee attack, so you can replenish your munitions while dealing close-range damage. Blade mods have stat modifications that make them look cooler. This multitude of modifications draw from the same assets. You can imagine how fast that can add up to huge amounts of variety.

Like the Borderlands guns, melee weapons also have their manufacturers. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands produces two-handed swords with Valora, Swift and Swift, while Kleave makes one-handed swords. BONK is the best place to shop for blunt weapons. It's a cool touch that enhances the Wonderlands universe.

With the exception of two-handed blades and melee weapons, all melee weapons have a glide to their attack. This means that you can strike your enemy with a melee attack even before they are close enough to match it. Even better, this allows for combo attacks. Matt Cox, Creative Director was a good example. “Melee towards an enemy, stagger them then hit them with spells and guns.” You can dole out a lot of damage while also filling up your ammo and any other bonuses you may have. This opens up some great gameplay possibilities. You can also open chests. You can now melee to open chests.

A Gun By Any Other Name…

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands still includes guns. A big part. Cox stated that guns are the spine for looter shooters. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands has made the leap from the mainline series of Guns to Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. It's a novel transition that fits perfectly within the worlds of Borderlands as well as the world within Wonderlands.

IGN First – Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Concept Art

Hawkins explained that the team asked Hawkins, “What would Tiny Tina think up?” It was necessary for them to place themselves into the head of a fictional character who created their own world. This is what influenced the weapon design. First, the Borderlands weapons' feel and variety are still available, they just have been Tina-ized. Crossbows can now be used, and they have a unique look and feel, which makes them more than a reskinned gun. Cox said that bolts stick to enemies. For example, you might get a buff while they're still there.

They're Tina-ized, but the feel and variety of Borderlands weapons is still there.

Borderlands contains elemental weapons like acid and fire, while Wonderlands adds magic to the mix. Although they are functionally identical, they have the Wonderlands fantasy-world spin. The team asked itself, “What would Tiny Tina bring the Borderlands weapon systems?”

Final results were some wild creations from the exercise of creating a world out of imagination. “How do we contain it?” Hawkins asked and said that the ideas they had come up with were “really crazy.”

Hawkins stated that a shotgun barrel was the most impressive example she showed me. It's an almost unwieldy piece of weaponry, practically a hand cannon –, brutish, savage and uncouth, both in appearance and the damage it deals. And to reload this monument to violence… you delicately sprinkle fairy dust into a cup of crystals sitting near the hilt. This is Hawkins' favourite because it perfectly captures the vision of the weapons team.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands – Spells Screenshots (IGN First)

Hawkins explained that this legendary tier allowed them to stretch and really get creative. It's the classic Tiny Tina stuff. Hawkins said that this is how they approached it. They decided to “let's just put all of our ideas out here.” The Wonderlands team did not say what other rarity levels were, but they did inform me that there are enchantments that affect different levels. Wonderlands is for you if Borderlands players are obsessed with finding the right combination of RNG.

Hawkins stated that “nothing is more exciting than discovering that roll.”

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