2022 Stanley Cup playoffs: Carolina Hurricanes say road woes won’t be an issue in Game 6 against the New York Rangers

RALEIGH — As The Carolina Hurricanes You can eliminate it. New York Rangers Saturday night Game 6 at Madison Square GardenThey're downplaying Stanley Cup playoff trends that make a Game 7 in Raleigh seem almost inevitable at this point.

“It's almost like beating a dead horses about us not winning the road,” center Vincent Trocheck said.

The Hurricanes Game 5 victory They improved to 7-0 in Raleigh on Thursday night. They have a plus-17 goal differential and a 1.14 goals-against score. They have not allowed more than two goals against them in any of their games. Boston Bruins Or the Rangers in their two playoff series.

Carolina has had a tough road. They are now at 0-5 with a minus-13 goal differential, and 4.20 goals against average.

They're Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, night and day. They are the Carolina Hurricanes at their home and the Hartford Whalers away.

The Hurricanes became the first NHL team to win 12 consecutive games. The 1962 team held the previous record of 11. Toronto Maple Leafs.

Gerard Gallant, Rangers coach, stated that “they're definitely better at home than on the road,” “I can also say the same for us. “I don't understand why this is happening.”

His Hurricanes counterpart, coach Rod Brind'Amour This has been de-emphasised.

“It's so non-issue. It's all that I hear about,” Brind’Amour stated Friday. “We haven’t done poorly on the road. There were a few things that went wrong. Each game has its own life.

However, there are certain differences between the Hurricanes' and Rangers' play at home and on the roads in these playoffs.

  • Hurricanes were able to deploy effectively Jordan StaalThe Rangers' top line is being compared to the Bruins' at home, so he shut them down at 5-on-5. Rangers' Mika Zibanejad Carolina didn't score a 5-on-5 goal against him, but he did record four goals and five scoring opportunities in his three games. He has scored a goal and an assist at home with five shots and four scoring opportunities in two games.

  • Carolina's Antti Raanta The Rangers have a.965 save rate and a 0.97 goals against average at home in seven of their games. They also have a.883 save percent and a 3.59 goal-against mean in four road games. Rangers Igor Shesterkin The team has a.949 save rate and a 2.05 goals per game average in six games at home, an.881 save percent and a 3.82 goals/gainst road average (includes the team's). first-round matchup with Pittsburgh).

  • The Hurricanes' power-play is 5-for-25 at home, with Game 5 being the Hurricanes' first win. It's 1-for-21 away, failing convert while the Hurricanes' penalty killing gave up a Rangers powerplay goal in both road matches.

Why is there such a disparity between the Hurricanes and other hurricanes?

Forward: “It's playoffs.” Jordan MartinookAfter suffering an injury, he missed the first four games of this series before returning for Game 5. Everyone talks about how having a home crowd can give you an extra boost and this has been proved here. They give you a little more when you're at your home. They give you more energy if you go outside and they become louder. It is definitely a benefit.

However, other Hurricanes players are now embracing the coach's view that road losses don't have to be so severe. Staal stated, “In Game 3 we had a solid enough match but fell short.” “As an ensemble, we didn’t perform very well in Game 4. We were sloppy. We hope to sharpen it again with a greater effort.”

The Hurricanes have demonstrated that they can control the puck, the pace and the game defensively when locked in. New York has not been a good place for them to show that.

Trocheck stated, “It's not different.” “Same game, same team. It's all about being prepared.

The Hurricanes must know that they have two chances to win their series against the Reds and advance to the Eastern Conference finals. Tampa Bay Lightning. Even if the trend continues and they lose in New York to the Rangers, they know that the Blueshirts need to win in Raleigh to win this series.

In Game 1, the Rangers missed a chance, allowing Carolina to rally for an overtime win. Despite the close margins of victory, the Hurricanes held Raleigh's last two games.

“We gotta win one game [in Raleigh] Gallant stated, “To win the series.” “Hopefully it's Game 7.”

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