Adrian Peterson accepts 20 sessions of alcohol and domestic violence counseling

Agent running free back Adrian PetersonA Los Angeles City Attorney's Office spokesperson said Monday that he had agreed to attend 20 sessions of alcohol counseling and domestic violence classes within the next six-months following his February arrest for suspicion of domestic abuse.

Rob Wilcox, a spokesman for Peterson, stated that Peterson had agreed to the sessions in a pre-filing hearing on Friday. This was an alternative to prosecution.

A Los Angeles Airport Police statement states that they received a call about domestic violence aboard an aircraft bound for Houston at 8:30 AM local time on February 13, and that they responded to the “a verbal, physical altercation” between a male suspect (male victim) and a female victim.

Peterson, 36 years old, was arrested at the Los Angeles Police Department Pacific Division. He was later released on $50,000 bond.

Ashley Peterson, Peterson's spouse, posted an Instagram message defending her husband after his arrest two days later, writing: “On Sunday Adrian and I had a word fight. Unfortunately, it took place on an aircraft. At no point did Adrian hit or strike me. This is between me and my husband. So that we can be able to focus on the most important things: our children, we ask everyone to respect our privacy.

Peterson, a veteran of 15 years, was placed on injured reserve for the last season. Seattle SeahawksAfter his three-game stint at the team, he was signed by the practice squad. Tennessee Titans. Peterson is fifth in NFL history, with 14,918 career rush yards. He has stated that he will continue to play next season.

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