Chicago White Sox closer Liam Hendriks criticizes Josh Donaldson for his ‘Jackie’ comment to Tim Anderson

Josh DonaldsonHe said he was just “joking about” the reference to Tim Andersonas Jackie, but at most one member of Chicago White SoxYou don’t buy the explanations of former MVP’s.

White Sox closer Liam HendriksSunday was the first day following the incitement between Anderson and Donaldson. benches-clearing incidentYankee Stadium. “So that was it.

After Saturday’s game, Donaldson admitted to calling Anderson “Jackie”, a reference to Jackie Robinson, in the first inning. The YankeesThird baseman was sorry and said he didn’t mean to be disrespectful.

Anderson, who is Black, stated Saturday that Donaldson’s comments were offensive and called it “disrespectful”, “unnecessary” and “unnecessary.” Hendriks agreed with those sentiments before the clubs played a doubleheader Sunday afternoon.

Hendriks stated that “Us in this Clubhouse, we have (Anderson’s) backs and everything — and it was just an unacceptable thing.” “Again, the Yankees are trying to make it seem like an inside joke — that’s horse —.. They don’t have such things. It’s almost like having an inside joke about a man you are a nemesis to, you could say.

“But that’s just not how it went down at this clubhouse. And I don’t get how (Donaldson), ever thought it that way. It’s pure delusional.

Donaldson, a white man, stated that the “Jackie” comment was made in reference to an interview with Sports Illustrated, in which Anderson said that he felt like “today’s Jackie Robinson” and how he’s “getting at a point where the game needs to be changed.” Donaldson claimed it was a reference that Anderson had made to him in the past.

Major League Baseball is investigating the matter and has spoken to all parties involved, according to a source who spoke to ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez. Aaron Boone, Yankees manager, said Sunday that Donaldson did not make the comment.

Boone stated that he didn’t believe there had been any malicious intent. “But you know what, this is, just my opinion, where he shouldn’t be going.”

Tony La Russa, White Sox manager, stated Saturday that Donaldson’s comments were racist. He then elaborated on the matter a day later and told reporters that he was “curious” to find out if the Yankees addressed the matter.

La Russa declared, “I am actually curious to know what the Yankee organisation says.” “It doesn’t matter what I have to say here. Aaron was right. He’s somewhere between a rock & a hard place.

Hendriks said that he also hopes for additional response from Yankees.

Hendriks explained that Hendriks was one of the men who made sure that other members of their clubhouse knew what was happening. “So, whether it’s an inner thing that must happen on their side or not, today we show up to do what we came to do — there is a chance we can win two games at Yankee Stadium.”

Anderson was kept out of Chicago’s game 1 lineup by La Russa who stated it “didn’t make sense” for the AL batting champion to play both games in the doubleheader.

Donaldson and Anderson fought in Chicago on May 13, after Anderson made a hard tag. The White Sox’s star shortstop responded by pushing Anderson, which resulted in the bullpens and benches clearing. He claimed Saturday that he was “trying defuse any tension” when the two players met early in the game.

Donaldson had reached second base in the third inning and began to joke with Anderson while the teams were on the field. Boone escorted Donaldson from the field while Anderson was led by Joe McEwing, third-base coach.

Hendriks stated, “(Donaldson), knew damn well what was he doing.” “He wanted it to be exactly what was.” He didn’t expect the swift repercussions.

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