Frank Vogel, Los Angeles Lakers, sees a ‘new day for the team’ after the trade deadline has passed

After a week of unease leading up to the deadline for trade, which was met with poor court play, the team set out to make a comeback. Los Angeles LakersOn Friday, they held a practice in San Francisco ahead of their game against San Francisco Golden State Warriors.

Frank Vogel, Lakers coach said, “It's an entirely new day.” “I feel that our group was full of energy today. Both in practice and in a team film session. There is a natural reset energy in our group after the trade deadline. This is the group that was formed to begin the year. This is a group that we trust.

Vogel spoke out after L.A.'s defeat to the defending champion Milwaukee BucksTuesday's statement that “our group's energy isn’t good right now” was a sign that he could sense a change in his group. However, the group hadn't really changed. The Lakers were among eight teams that stayed put until the deadline, with no moves.

“I believe that with the deadline passed and having a renewed mindset today, our group had a lot of energy about going out to try and win a game. [Saturday]Vogel stated that understanding and believing in the possibilities for this year is key.

Vogel may have been optimistic about drawing a line and treating the 26 remaining games of the regular season like a new start. However, there are still a few events that led up to Thursday.

The most pressing issue, given the franchise's stated goal to compete for championships, is an apparent disconnect among Rob Pelinka, Lakers vice president of basketball operations, and L.A.'s top leaders. LeBron JamesAnd Anthony DavisThe team's inaction towards the deadline.

Pelinka said that while we looked at different options throughout this process, and just like I have in the past had conversations about it with LeBron or Anthony. She also stated that she believes there was alignment. This was just a few hours after Thursday's deadline. “And that's it.”

Pelinka and James did not speak with Davis on Thursday. They gave their approval for L.A. letting this deadline pass without making any agreements, according to ESPN.

Source: “Totally false.”

It wasn't enough: aspects of the Lakers last two losses against the Bucks Portland Trail BlazersThey are still being discussed Friday.

Russell WestbrookDespite the Lakers, he stayed with the team until the end. Houston RocketsHe is a participant in trade talks that are centered on him John WallWhen he spoke to reporters Friday, it seemed that he was at first open to the team’s plans.

“I look forward to entering the [All-Star]Break, getting ready for a splash run, and that we are moving in the direction that we need to collectively as a team and making sure that our collective foot forward is as strong as possible,” he stated.

When questioned about his tight lower back that led him to miss Wednesday's 107-105 loss in Portland, he stated that it was due to Vogel's substitution patterns during the loss to Milwaukee.

He said, “I don't like sitting down for long periods of time.” “Like, getting up quickly and then, like, moving fast. A little stiffening.

Vogel benched Westbrook in the final stretch against Milwaukee. This was the second consecutive game that Vogel kept Westbrook off the court during crunch-time and the third time this has happened this season.

In closing time, Vogel apologized publicly for Davis's inability to score in the fourth quarter and only 11 total for the game in L.A.’s loss to Portland.

Vogel stated that Vogel wanted Vogel to be more involved. “I didn't get enough ball in his hands in the fourth quarter, just looking at the game last night. This is something I want and our group must own.

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