“I do want you to be here.”

New Orleans Pelicans Forward Zion Williamson He reiterated his desire and support for the organization. Saturday, he spoke at a local YMCA to register youth and basketball camps.

Williamson was asked by reporters if he thought opening the camp was an indication that he would like to remain in New Orleans.

“I want to be here. This is no secret. Williamson told reporters at the Dryades YMCA New Orleans that she feels like she's stood on that line when she spoke. “Currently, this doesn't really have anything to with that. This is me just wanting to be a pillar within my community.”

Williamson was cleared by the Pelicans to resume play on May 26th. He continues his rehabilitation from the broken right foot which cost him the entire 2021-22 season. Williamson has been exercising in New Orleans since then with several Pelicans.

“It took me a long time to recover from my mental and physical injuries. I am now fine. Williamson declared, “I'm ready for work.”

Williamson stated that he will spend the remainder of the summer preparing for the 2022/23 season, while also taking a few days to relax before the season begins.

Another option is a possible five-year, $186million max rookie extension to New Orleans. Williamson could be given protections by the Pelicans, or Williamson may get the guaranteed max. But those negotiations will continue this summer.

Williamson smiled wide when Williamson was asked about the extension.

Williamson claimed that he isn't paying much attention to the NBA Finals. Instead, he is focusing on his training sessions with his teammates.

“Pels in round one. Williamson said, “That's all I had to see to be excited to get back on the field.” Williamson was referring to the Pelicans' first round series against Phoenix. Williamson won two play-in games. It was thrilling to see young players. Jose [Alvarado]Trey [Murphy III]Herb [Jones]Jaxson [Hayes]. They were just blossoming into great players. Then I watched. [Brandon Ingram]. The name speaks for itself. CJ [McCollum] It was amazing to watch the additions. It was made even better by the fans.

Williamson addressed all campers and said how important it was to him to work with a local YMCA.

“Buseses took kids home from school when I was a child. I took the YMCA bus. Williamson stated that my mom would not leave work until a specific time. “I would usually be there at the YMCA around 3:30 to 6, 7, sometimes. That was something I did for five to six years.

“The summer camp aspect, that's where I fell in love basketball. When I was 4. When I was 5. When I met my stepfather. From 9 to 5, we were just at the gym. It wasn't all about physical activity. Teaching and learning were the main goals. Learn how to present yourself as a woman and man. It's the reason I'm here doing this, it's what makes it special.”

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