Jadeveon Colowney signed with Cleveland Browns in order to be able to play again with Deshaun.

Jadeveon Colowney signed with Cleveland Browns in order to be able to play again with Deshaun.

BEREA, Ohio — Jadeveon Clowney Thursday, he admitted that he had decided to resign from the Cleveland Browns Once he was a quarterback Deshaun Watson Also, he was heading to Cleveland.

“I thought I played well at this place last year. And I feel like I can improve and pick off from what was last year,” the Browns' defensive end declared when he outlined the reasons he chose to return to the Browns.

“Then, my boy came here Deshaun.”

Clowney, who signed a one-year contract last year, is coming off a great season with Browns. Playing opposite All-Pro pass rusher Myles GarrettClowney was the winner with nine sacks. Garrett finished fourth in pass rush win rate, while Clowney was fifth.

Clowney stated that “Me and Garrett” did many good things together as the Browns finished their last minicamp practice at FirstEnergy stadium. We got along well. We got along well. We were able to share our experiences and learn from each other. We will do the same thing again this year and even better. Last year was a great year. We hope to continue this trend in the new year.”

Clowney's opportunity to play with Watson, his former teammate, really tipped the iceberg. Houston Texans.

Clowney explained that “I was all concerned about where my boy Deshaun went.” “I just wanted him to be with me and see what he can do again.”

The Browns traded Watson for the Houston Texans in March. They sent three first-round draft picks to Watson.

ESPN reported that Clowney had spoken to Watson during the week of trade, while Watson was still considering joining. New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers And Atlanta FalconsClowney also gave Cleveland and the Browns his strong endorsement during their conversation.

Clowney replied, “I told he if (he goes) to Cleveland then I will go over here,” “That was what it came down too.”

Clowney is yet to be allowed to play with Watson. Watson is currently facing 24 civil lawsuits from women alleging that he engaged in inappropriate sexual misconduct during massage sessions.

While two Texas grand juries declined to indict Watson this year, the NFL is still investigating the matter. It also interviewed Watson in person last month as part the investigation. Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, said at the league's spring meeting that he felt that the NFL was approaching the end stage of its investigation. However, he could not give a time frame for when a ruling might come out. Watson maintained his innocence and reiterated Tuesday that he had never “harassed”, “disrespected”, or “forced” any women.

Clowney indicated that he doesn't worry about the possibility of Watson being suspended.

He said, “We have a great defense, we can keep it together.” “We did well last season, although we were all over the place on offense. However, our defense was solid for what we had. … We'll be fine.

This report was compiled by the Associated Press.

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