Justin Verlander and Albert Pujols were voted Comeback Player of the Year

NEW YORK — Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander And St. Louis Cardinals Albert Pujols was named baseball's Comeback Player-of-the Year on Tuesday night.

Verlander, American League recipient, returned to Houston after Tommy John surgery and led the team to its second World Series victory. Verlander had the lowest ERA of major league players and was unanimously awarded the third Cy Young Award. This award is the first to be won by a player who did not pitch in the previous season.

Pujols, who was honored by the National League, returned to St. Louis in his farewell season. At 42, he posted his best numbers in years. Three-time MVP Pujols compiled a.895 OPS to win the NL Central championships. He also became the fourth major leaguer with 700 career home runs.

The 30 MLB.com reporters who were part of the team that beat them selected the winners.

Verlander was 18-4 with a 1.75 ERA, 185 strikeouts and 28 starts. He also made his ninth All Star team. Verlander won Game 5 in Philadelphia, his first World Series victory of his distinguished career. He was then released as a free agent.

The 39 year-old right-hander, who sustained an elbow injury in February 2020, made just one start and was out for the remainder of 2021.

After being released by the Cardinals, Pujols batted at.270 with 24 homers in 109 games and 68 RBI. Los Angeles Angels in May 2021 and ending last year with Dodgers.

His OPS was.906 before he joined Angels and his home runs were the highest since he reached 31 in 2016.

After Philadelphia eliminated the Cardinals from the playoffs, the 11-time All-Star slugger hit 18 home runs in halftime and was relieved.

He finished his career in fourth place in major league annals for home runs (703), second for RBI (2.218) and total base (6.211), and ninth in hits (3.384).

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