Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors erupts during the 4th quarter to knock down Los Angeles Lakers

SAN FRANCISCO – The last stretch of the Golden State WarriorsSaturday Night Game Against the Los Angeles LakersIt was eerily like the game they played against. New York Knicks just two days before.

The Lakers were too big for the Warriors. Too much ball-watching was common. They were not able to execute their tasks.

However, there was one crucial difference that could have changed the outcome. They missed the shot that would have sent the game against the Knicks into overtime. Klay ThompsonHe was a flamethrower throughout Saturday's 117–115 win, scoring 16 points alone in the final frame. This is the highest he has scored in a quarter since 2018.

His 33 points in the game, which he achieved on 12-of-22 shots and 5-of-9 at three from three — were both season highs.

Thompson stated, “After feeling that way for a while, don't take this 30-ball lightly in the league.”

These things happen naturally. It's impossible — If I could, every fourth quarter, it would be. It's not about the game of basketball. It's the flow of play. It's the flow of the game that makes great things happen.”

Thompson was visibly upset after missing the midrange shot against New York on Thursday night. He called it the perfect shot. This alone was enough to fuel him against L.A. The Lakers were also a boost.

Thompson stated that he is always excited to see the Lakers play after Thursday's game. “Some of the best memories of my life are simply going with my dad [former Lakers center and current broadcaster Mychal Thompson]As a high school student, I remember sitting in his booth watching him call the games. Kobe's game. It's always amazing to support your hometown team.”

Thompson played a great game for the first three quarters. In the third, he got going but was stopped due to his minute restriction. However, he was able to take it up a notch when he returned to the table with 6:25 remaining in the game.

Three seconds after you check in, Avery BradleyThompson received the ball perfectly after he deflected it. Within two seconds, he knocked the 17-footer down to the Warriors. He ran down the court and received a defensive rebound. He then hit the jumper on the opposite end to tie the game.

“[He was]Steve Kerr, Warriors coach, said that the player was “phenomenal.” He “just took one game at a moment when we needed him most.” Our offense was struggling to find a rhythm and he became hot and took control of the game.”

Thompson was a good offensive player, and he played like the two-way player he used to be before his injuries. He held the Lakers to just 1-of-6 shooting while he was their primary defender.

Thompson's performance Saturday was just one more sign that Thompson is gradually returning to his best. Thompson's game-rhythm and groove have become more fluid since his minute restriction was increased to 30 last week.

His fourth win against the Lakers saw him turning on the heater.

“It's early, but it's a step in the right directions. Stephen Curry said. “To have that energy, that self-confidence, nothing else matters in that moment.”

Thompson said, “It was really inspirational for me.” Thompson stated, “It was so long in this building. It was so long doing all those tedious things. Because I can play every night, that is something I am able to do now. It's a motivating feeling to be able to do this. I'm not satisfied. However, it felt so freaking good.

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