LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers star, said he wanted to own a NBA team in Las Vegas

LeBron JamesForbes recently valued a net worth of over $1 billion at Forbes. He has been stating for years that he wants to own an NBA team after he retires from playing.

Now, that vision has a spot.

James declared, “I want to have a team in Vegas” in a clip from the newest episode of his talk-show “The Shop,” that will premiere Friday. “I want the team to Vegas.”

James, already part-owner of Liverpool FC, and the Boston Red Sox respectively, stated last season that he “goal” is to own a NBA franchise.

James, 37, will be entering his 20th NBA season when he turns 20. Los Angeles Lakers training camp opens up. He would need to have finished playing before he could buy a team. Also, he would need to identify an ownership group for the bid. Minnesota TimberwolvesIn 2021, the price of, was $1.5 billion.

James would also require the league to expand to Las Vegas. Last week, Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, said that expansion plans are not in place beyond the 30 league teams.

Silver stated, “We aren't discussing that at the moment.” “As we have already said, the league will eventually expand at some point. But it's not currently that we are talking about it.”

Silver however, endorsed both Seattle and Las Vegas when asked about potential expansion sites.

Silver declared, “Those are fantastic markets.” “We were in Seattle. “We are not there anymore. There is a WNBA club in Seattle, in a brand-new building. It's doing great. Las Vegas, which we will be attending the Summer League in July has proven itself to be a great sport market.”

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