Matt Harvey, C.J. Cron was among four MLB players that testified they were given oxycodone by Eric Kay, an ex-los Angeles Angels teammate.

FORT WORTH Texas — Tuesday, four major league players testified that they were prescribed oxycodone by a former manager. AngelsTyler Skaggs' employee is accused of having given Tyler Skaggs the drugs that led the pitcher to his overdose death.

Pitchers Matt Harvey, Mike MorinAnd Cam BedrosianFirst baseman C.J. CronEric Prescott Kay, a former player for the Angels, was charged by federal prosecutors with possessing drugs for players. Kay faces charges of drug distribution, conspiracy and other offenses.

Harvey admitted that he used cocaine before and during the Angels season in 2019, after he said he was being subpoenaed. Harvey admitted to using cocaine before and during his season with the Angels in 2019. MetsStar claimed that he used oxycodone from Skaggs during his time with the Angels, and also gave drugs to Skaggs.

Cron and Morin testified that Kay provided oxycodone for longer times. Bedrosian claimed that he took three to four pills at a time and then gave them back the rest after feeling sick.

Cron is the only one of the four players to be on a major league roster.Rockies). Harvey played last year in the. OriolesHe said that he believed his testimony would endanger his career.

Skaggs (27), was found dead in a suburban Dallas hotel room on July 1, 2019. The team had just returned from Los Angeles, and was about to begin a four-game series against Texas. Rangers. The coroner reported that Skaggs choked to death from his vomit. He also had a toxic mixture of alcohol and fentanyl in his system.

Kay was the team’s public relations contact for many road trips. This Texas trip was Kay’s first since his return from rehab. Kay was put on leave soon after Skaggs's death, and never returned to work.

Federal prosecutors want to prove that Kay was the only person who could have supplied the drugs that caused Skaggs to die. The drugs were delivered to Skaggs after the team arrived in Texas. Skaggs claimed that he had many suppliers and that Kay provided him with the drugs before he left.

Harvey claimed Skaggs had a second source, but didn't receive many drugs from it. Harvey claimed he had an East Coast drug supplier and that he obtained oxycodone from this supplier.

Harvey and Morin were asked by the defense if they knew about the dangers of mixing alcohol with oxycodone. They said yes. Michael Molfetta, the defense attorney, asked Harvey whether he had ever told Skaggs to be more careful.

Harvey stated, “Looking back, it's something I wish I'd done.” “Baseball is a sport where you must do all you can to stay on the pitch. “At the time, I felt like a teammate helping him get through whatever it was he needed.”

Kay's fifth day of testimony was completed on Tuesday.

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