Mitchell Marner, Maple Leafs’ Maple Leafs, thanks Toronto community members for their support following’scary carjacking’

Maple LeafsStar Mitchell MarnerAfter being robbed in Toronto on Monday night, he made his first public comments Wednesday.

Marner: “To all fans, my teammates and friends, and to the entire Maple Leafs organisation — thank you all for all your positive comments over the past few days,” Marner wrote on social media. “The overwhelming support that I received from the Toronto community was unbelievable.

“I also want to thank Toronto Police Services and all of their hard work on the ongoing investigation.

“It was scary, but it’s safe now and we’re doing well. We are grateful for your support.

Marner was not scheduled to speak at the Leafs’ end-of-season media conference on Tuesday. Toronto police had advised Marner not to make any public statements as they continue to investigate.

Police are still searching for three suspects who were armed with knives and a handgun when they approached Marner and his fiancée at a Toronto-area movie theatre around 7:45 p.m. Monday. Marner was reported to have obeyed all carjackers’ demands and the suspects took his vehicle.

Marner didn’t address reporters Tuesday, but his colleagues reported that Marner was in good spirits.

“I’m just glad he’s OK, and he wasn’t injured,” Auston Matthews said. “I don’t know as much as you guys, but it’s great to be here today. That must have been a great experience. We are all glad that he is okay.”

Additional Jason Spezza: “It’s scary; that’s [real] life. This is not hockey. That’s scary. This is quite jarring. I am so happy that he is OK.”

Marner, who was raised in the Greater Toronto Area, scored a career-high of 97 points and added two goals, six assists, and a postseason total of six.

The Maple Leafs were evicted by the Tampa Bay LightningSaturday, Game 7 in their first round playoff series.

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