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FLORHAM PARK (N.J.) — Take a look around at what's going on in the area New York Jets:

1. QB Evaluation: Robert Saleh is a media-savvy Coach who knows how control the message. This is exactly what he attempted to do with this comment on quarterback Zach Wilson: Tom Brady This is the year.

It was an exaggerated statement that said it was unfair for him to expect stardom in Year 2.

Saleh was perhaps trying to temper expectations, which had grown during a bountiful season. He provided a reality-check at the end of the offseason. Wilson, who has tried too many times as a rookie to play heroic role, might have also received this warning.

“People are forgetting that he’s got a young offensive supporting cast,” Saleh said as minicamp wrapped up. His receivers and backs are young. The O-line is just getting started. He's young.”

This led to the Brady quote.

“Now if is ended up being [Brady], that’s awesome, but that’s not the expectation for him,” Saleh said. “The expectation is that he will climb that mountain.”

Wilson produced some Tom Brady over four weeks of practice. He was anything but flawless.

According to the coaching staff, his decision-making, command, and overall feeling for the progression-based pass scheme are much better than they were last season. He's a very different quarterback to the rookie who was sometimes so overwhelmed that it was difficult for him to see his own mental mistakes. He doesn't need coaches to tell him when he makes mistakes; he can recognize it instantly. That is a sign of a deeper understanding of the position.

Wilson still misses routine throws on the other hand. This was an issue last year, as Wilson's completion rates of throws beyond the line-of-scrimmage (74%) and within 0-9 yards (62%), were the worst in league stats. Saleh called it a “rough rookie year.” Wilson's eye discipline is what the coaches call it. It means that he must do better at getting his eyes in the correct spot at the right moment. He has a lot of things to do. This is something a quarterback cannot afford to ignore.

Don't panic. Although it's only June and Wilson's consistency should increase as the year progresses, this is still a very early stage. Although no one can expect a miracle turnaround in his career, Wilson must do better than a 56% pass, which is his overall completion score.

Wilson stated, “I have a lot confidence in myself.” Wilson said, “Obviously, I believe I can be the best. “If anyone doesn't believe that, they aren't a true competitor.”

2. Unstoppable? Fans and players are both excited about their team. The receiving corps is another topic. Elijah Moore He said, “There's no way that teams should be capable of guarding all three.” He believes they have three potential WR1s and added, “The flow of the game, the way it's going, I feel like it's going unstoppable.”

Let's not forget the passion. The receiving corps, however, is quite young. Corey Davis Moore, a veteran pro, is the one who won 11 games. Garrett Wilson (rookie) are developing players. This could also be true for running backs. Michael Carter (14) Breece Hall (rookie). Their top five receivers/backs are all under 24. Ditto, the quarterback.

There will always be growing pains.

3. Camp Wilson Wilson and his receivers will meet at an undisclosed place in mid-July for a few days of pitch-and catch. This won't be a work-and-play affair. He mentioned that there are fun activities planned.

4. Money position The Jets will keep their Mekhi BectonGeorge Fant Plan close to the vest. John Benton, the offensive-line coach said it doesn’t matter which player plays left tackle as both spots can be used interchangeably. It's easy for him to state that the amount of his salary doesn't depend on this.

It is a fact that Is There is a significant difference between the salaries for different positions. According to Over The Cap, the five highest-paid left tackles earn an average of $21.3 million annually; the five highest paid right tackles earn $18 million. Becton claimed he'd be okay with a move from left tackle to right, but it's likely he wants to remain there. His rookie contract has two years remaining, but he must decide by next May whether he wants to exercise his fifth-year option in 2024.

Fant, who made it clear that he prefers left tackle to right tackle, is currently in contract negotiations for an extension. That could be why the team is so secretive. If he is anointed left tackle, it would give him more leverage. It could also be a way for Becton to stay motivated during the break for a left-tackle contest.

Becton would be drafted on the wrong side of the field, which would be a major defeat for the Jets' front office. He was a potential franchise left tackle, which is why the Jets selected him 11th overall in 2020. He was distinguished by that, according to them. Tristan WirfsThey envisioned him as a right tackle and possible guard.

Wirfs, a right tackle who was picked 13th overall is an All-Pro right tackle. Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

5. Becton turnaround 2.0 Becton has six weeks to lose weight and get ready for training camp. There is frustration in the organization, but also hope that he will rebound and realize his potential like he did at Louisville.

After two poor seasons, Becton made a leap with the Cardinals' hiring of a new coaching staff for 2019. It seemed to rekindle his passion. While Saleh & Co. are beginning their second year, they're kind of new for Becton, who played only one game for them in 2021.

Becton is planning to make haters of “eat their wordsAlready, he has reached a pivotal point in his career.

6. Mims is here: Weak receiver is another player who will be closely watched in training camp Denzel Mims. Mims is coming off a disappointing season and the feeling in the building is that he has turned the corner. He is in a much better physical place than last year, which bodes well to his chances of making it to the 2020 team.

Mims was drafted in the classic X position (split end). However, he was made to learn all three positions by a new coach after he was re-coached. It was a difficult adjustment and Mims struggled. Now, he seems to be accepting. It might prove difficult for him to make it onto the field due to the upgrades at his position.

7. Under-the-radar standouts: In practice, a few lesser-known players stood out, including wide receivers Jeff Smith Minicamp TD Catch with one hand, tight ends Trevon Wesco Lawrence Cager, Fullback Nick BawdenSafety Jason Pinnock Cornerback Isaiah Dunn.

Remember that there was no contact, running game, or bump-and-run coverage. Maybe a slightly watered down version. In August, June stars may fade. Ron Middleton, tight ends coach, said it best. Middleton spoke of Cager, a converted wideout that made a lot more catches.

8. Ravenous Preparation: What time does the NFL start to prepare for its season opener? Already, the Jets' defense coaches have already given their players a taste. Baltimore RavensTheir Week 1 opponent is.

According to Jeff Ulbrich (defensive coordinator), the defense was subject to about 25-30 Baltimore running play during walk-through periods over the course of the offseason. Ravens' running game is unique, with quarterback Lamar Jackson A wide range of gap programs are available. The Jets had a good start because you can't prepare in just a few days.

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