Preseason opener: The San Francisco 49ers play Jimmy Garoppolo, and Trey Lance (rookie).


SANTA CLARA CA — There are two of them San Francisco 49ers‘ top two quarterbacks — Jimmy Garoppolo Trey Lance— Saturday's Preseason Opener will be played against. Kansas City ChiefsYou can do it. But their work hours will differ.

According to Kyle Shanahan (Niners coach), Garoppolo along with his starting offense will take part in the first game. Shanahan will end the series. The group will pass the ball to Lance and his backup team for halftime.

Garoppolo and Garoppolo’s starting offense can practice live games. Then Lance and his backups will be able to play around 30 snaps, before Lance is replaced with fellow quarterbacks Nate Sudfeld Josh Rosen

Shanahan anticipates Lance's No.3 overall draft pick. Shanahan was the third overall draft selection and is eager to watch Lance perform in situations in which he must make play calls or direct a team.

Shanahan said that Shanahan spoke with excitement and added that he was just as excited about the game of football. It's great to see new quarterbacks on the field. The person is not a concern for me because I love it. While no one can ever recall the preseason details, they will be able to remember them next season. All is fine.

It is consistent with the training camp's rest. Lance will keep the second string offense. Shanahan stated in his opening camp statements that Garoppolo had 13 practice reps and was named the starting offensive line. Lance was able to take two runs designed specifically by Shanahan.

Shanahan said last week that Lance will be given some playing time as part of the starting offense.

Lance's Saturday afternoon exhibition match is his first since Oct. 3 2020. There has been a 315 day gap between the games. This will also mark the debut performance in front fans.

Lance responded, “Oh (I'm) so excited!” “I'm so excited to go out with this group of guys. All of it is brand new. This is the basic idea. You just have to be able to take everything in, from the hotel you stayed at that night to the pregame warmup. Football is football, even though it's going to change.

Shanahan expressed the hope that Lance would not put too much pressure on himself.

Shanahan smiled and said Trey would be joining the team. He is aware that there will be more eyes watching him. Sometimes those men just want to get everybody excited and play some games. They want to get out and play. They could even hit you, so I tell them to be calm. Keep your head high and practice what you have been doing every day. You will always be a good quarterback, no matter what.

Shanahan said that although many 49ers starters will be facing the Chiefs, Shanahan suggested that some will not. That includes defensive ends Nick Bosa(left ACL Dee Ford(back), both of whom are currently recovering from injuries. Large receiver Jalen HurdWhile he's undergoing rehabilitation, his ACL (right side) will remain out.


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