Sam Darnold of the Carolina Panthers says he believes he can be one NFL’s greatest quarterbacks

An NFL starter record of 17-32 and the possibility of being replaced in the offseason Deshaun Watson Now, it is possible to get a third-round selection Matt Corral Hasn't made Carolina Panthers starter Sam Darnold He was less confident in his ability to succeed.

Darnold stated Tuesday that he is confident he can be a great quarterback as long as he knows what the defense does. This was Darnold's first interview with reporters since the start of offseason workouts.

Coach Matt Rhule isn't ruling out the possibility that he will bring in a veteran at some time. In fact, he said Darnold was practicing with an “edge” that he had never seen before.

Rhule stated, “What Sam went through this offseason is very difficult.” “Your back is against the walls. Everybody is questioning whether or not you can do this. We have seen a man who is a little bit more sharp than others. He is extremely focused.”

It would take a huge leap to go from a focused player to one of the top quarterbacks in the league.

Since the New York Jets Darnold was selected with the third pick in 2018's draft. Darnold is consistently ranked as one the worst quarterbacks in NFL. His QBR of 33.2 in 2021 (his first year at Carolina) ranked 29th among qualified quarterbacks.

He was 33rd in 2020, with a 32.9 rating. 25th in 2019 at 44.9 and 28th in 2018, at 45.9.

In just four seasons, he's thrown nearly as many interceptions (52) as touchdown passes (52). His career completion rate of 59.8 since 2018 ranks him among the worst players in the league.

This is why the Panthers agreed to trade Watson and three picks from the first round for Watson. Houston Texans To the Cleveland Browns. These are the reasons Carolina is still interested in acquiring a veteran QB.

According to a league source the Panthers are keeping a close eye on several players. Baker MayfieldIf the Browns agree that he be paid most of his $18.8million for 2022, or if he is released.

Darnold stated, “Everyone knows the situation,” “But, with that being said it doesn't affect my mindset. “I have a positive attitude about myself and go into each day with a great attitude.”

This mindset is focused on his footwork which has been an issue ever since he arrived at the NFL.

Darnold explained that last year there were times when my feet became very loose. It's all about confidence in my feet and the ability to go out and get the ball where it should be.

Darnold was brief and stated that this is a crucial year for him, as he enters his fifth and final year in his rookie contract.

Darnold explained that if Darnold thought of it this way, he could easily get distracted by the washing machine. “When I'm in a meeting room, I'm focused learning the system. I am focused on execution when I'm on practice field.

“And even during the games, you don't focus on: ‘This contract year, I better get out of here.' You must be consistent as a quarterback. You have to be consistent each day and on every play. It's difficult to imagine what might happen or what could be in the future.

Darnold now works with Ben McAdoo, a new offensive coordinator. It is the fourth time in his short career that Darnold has had the need to learn a different system.

Darnold stated, “It's just about going out there and playing each play like it's mine last.” “If you start to think about other things, it's hard enough playing quarterback.”

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