Six Nations of Women for Women in 2022: England’s Sarah Bern calls for contracts to ensure mental health and well-being of players

Sarah Bern, England's prop, says that other Women's Six Nations sides should be professional to safeguard players' mental health.

In 2019, the tournament's only professional side was the Red Roses.

Ireland players posted photos on social media showing them at work the day following games.

After England won the Grand Slam, Bern stated that “things must change” for both the rugby and the mental health of the girls.

England's investment has created a gap between themselves and other Six Nations sides. They won their fourth consecutive title, beating all teams except France by over 50 points.

Wales gave 12 contracts to its players for the first time in the tournament's history, while Ireland players received a sum each day they played.

Many international players balance international duties with their club obligations in England's increasingly competitive Premier League 15s league.

Bern said, “I would absolutely adore it if everything were even.”

“I have many friends that play for Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It is hard work.

“The Premiership requires more from our players than international.

“It's hard to imagine them playing a game as this, and then having work tomorrow. I feel sorry for them.” Because I believe everyone should have equal opportunities, I am always there to support their cause.

Red Roses attracted record crowds for their home fixtures with 15,836 people watching them beat Ireland in Leicester.

Bern stated, “We must keep fighting to equal the men.”

“To get the support that the men need and to draw the crowds of men because we're showing that we can achieve it. “I hope that we can keep this momentum going.”

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