The Philadelphia 76ers are ‘getting more confident’ as the series progresses, as James Harden stars at Game 4.

PHILADELPHIA James HardenThe perfect time for him to be at his best was when he was with the Philadelphia 76ers.

After declaring that the series would be relegated to Miami tied, Harden scored 31 points (including 16 in the fourth quarter) and made 6 3-pointers, his highest since arriving in Miami three months ago to lead the 76ers in a 116-108 win over the Heat.

This means that the series is tied at 2-2 going back to Miami on Tuesday night for Game 5.

Harden finished the game with 31 point, seven rebounds and nine assists. Harden also made six turnovers. The first two games were a blur. We know what to expect, thanks to Joel and our entire team.

“We know how to play on both ends of a ball. This makes it a lot simpler. It's still a young team. We're damn near two months. Joel takes a break for a couple of games when Joel finally finds a rhythm.

“So, we are finally getting settled into the series. We've had some great moments tonight that worked and that we can capitalize on in Game 5.

Philadelphia's home games have been a success because it made more shots than Games 1 and 2. Philadelphia was 14-for 64 from 3-point range in Miami and went 16-for 33 from behind the arc in Games 3 and 4, a 54-point swing that helped to turn this series around.

Harden delivered some daggers down the stretch. He hit four triples in Philadelphia alone in the fourth quarter to help Philadelphia beat Miami. Miami nearly got a win despite its terrible shooting performance (7-for-3 from 3) Jimmy ButlerThe incredible 40-point performance of's.

“I took the defense's advice. The same shots, but I made some. Man, nothing really has changed. He replied, “I took some shots,” and he added, “That's what I meant, obviously that's the game changer.” I was just being aggressive.”

Harden's aggressiveness is evident. His total of 18 shot attempts and 10 3-point attempts was the second-highest he has made as a 76er and also the most he has had in this playoffs. Additionally, his 10 free throw attempts are the highest he's ever had in these playoffs.

Pair it with another great game Joel Embiid(24 points; 11 rebounds, two assists) In his second game back after the facial fracture, concussion, and injury that cost him both the first two games and 18 points in the series, he scored 24 points. Tyrese MaxeyIt was enough for Philadelphia to be relegated to Miami's level, and the series will shift back to South Beach.

“We need his aggressiveness,” 76ers forward Tobias Harris said. He does an excellent job of evaluating the game and (finding) opportunities to make plays. He got going tonight. You can just see the confidence in his getting downhill and then the three balls opening up for he.

“What we really need is him to do on an almost daily basis is what they call the “he does.” Be solid for us, be able pick apart their defense and how they play him. He is exposed to so many defensive coverages on the floor. He is often unable to play aggressively on the offensive because of his defensive coverages. We just give him the ball and let him keep going when he gets into a rhythm.

Harden's heroics were able to hide some shortcomings in the 76ers performance. They again threw it around, committing 17 turnovers, which were converted into 24 Miami points. This was how the Heat were still able stay in contact, despite the fact that the 76ers shot 54 percent from the floor and the Heat shooting 34%.

Miami also held a 48 to 34 advantage in points under the basket, while the 76ers could not stop Butler all game.

Doc Rivers, the 76ers coach said that he was “tough”. He was tough. “He was tough. He was a complete disappointment tonight. (76ers assistant Dan Burke was almost off the cliff.

“I mean, that he made everything. What do you know about what he did tonight, Mr. He went left a lot. He's never done that before. We'll have to work out that one. He was hardworking and scored on everyone. He didn’t care who it might be, he was scoring. He's tough.”

The 76ers were able to do what Harden promised them four days ago when they left Biscayne Bay: tie the series at two games each. With the 76ers now returning to Miami, Philadelphia will see a significant difference in their progress.

Rivers stated, “Joel's going to be on the airplane.”

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