Three lawsuits allege excessive violence from Dodger Stadium security against fans.

Three separate lawsuits were filed earlier in the week alleging that Dodger Stadium security personnel used excessive violence against Dodger Stadium's fans during 2021. The lawsuits included assault, battery, false imprisonment and violation of civil rights.

These suits were filed Tuesday at Los Angeles Superior Court by the same law firm that sought $17 million in damagesFor allegations of racial profiling or excessive force in October 2019, unspecified punitive and monetary damages will be sought.

The Los Angeles DodgersThe spokesperson declined to comment citing its policy towards pending litigation.

L.A.-based attorney Peter diDonato stated in a followup press release, that Dodger Stadium security personnel insisted that a spectator get out of their vehicle after an Aug. 17 game. He then attacked him “without motive or provocation” causing injuries to his head, eye, shoulder, leg, and neck. After accusing her family members of “conducting unlawful activities” using their cell phones, security at Dodger Stadium allegedly attacked a woman on Sept. 14. The incident resulted in injuries for the woman's chest, face and leg. A second incident occurred on Oct. 3. Six sworn security guards allegedly grabbed a male by the hair and surround him, inflicting injuries to his neck, back, and head.

According to diDonato’s firm, photos of the plaintiffs' injuries were provided by the firm. Also included was a video of the third incident.

In a statement, diDonato stated that Dodger Stadium's security measures have been ineffective since the death of Brian Stow in 2011. “The solution is not more security but smarter security. This includes transparency with the public and discipline of security personnel when necessary.

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