Washington Wizards win thanks to Kristaps Porzingis’ 25 point debut

WASHINGTON Kristaps PorzingisIn his first game, he scored 25 points Washington, and the Wizards beat them Indiana PacersSunday Night: 133-123

Porzingis, who was recovering from a right knee injury, played his first game since being traded from Dallas to the Wizards last month. This was his first overall game since Jan. 29. He was able to make a significant impact, despite only playing half of the game.

Kyle KuzmaThe Wizards won the game with 23 points thanks to a 39-point final quarter. Washington is now within two games Atlanta, Charlotte, and Brooklyn. Atlanta would take the final three spots in Eastern Conference play-in round, if the season were to end now.

Washington was quick to the Porzingis (7-foot-3), and lobbed him. Although he couldn't quite get it down, he was able to tip the ball in. Porzingis was another highlight in the second period, when he blocked. Oshae BrissettNearly the basket, however Brissett beat Porzingis shortly afterwards.

After Indiana had the ball three minutes late in the fourth quarter, Kuzma blocked the shot. Porzingis, however, hit a one-handed alleyoop dunk at the opposite end. The Wizards were up 124 to 119.

Malcolm BrogdonIndiana made two free shots with 1:35 remaining, but Porzingis once again dunked after an offensive rebound.

Brogdon scored 27 for the Pacers who have lost 11 games.

Indiana led 61 to57 at halftime. However, the Wizards shot 61% in the third quarter and held a 96-87 advantage into the fourth quarter. Porzingis hit a 3-pointer to increase the lead to eight after the Pacers opened the final period with four points straight.

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