2022 Stanley Cup Final: Pat Maroon, Lightning’s class clown and motivational speaker, is the Stanley Cup Final.

TAMPA, Fla. — Pat Maroon He was simply doing his job.

In Game 3 of Stanley Cup Final, the Tampa Bay Lightning A winger handed the puck to a teammate Nikita Kucherov. His job was simply to get to the Colorado Avalanche Get behind their defense and net. He shouted, “Yeah, yeah!” Kucherov hit him with a pass Maroon roofed to score the Lightning's fifth goal in their 6-2 win.

Maroon, 34, embraced Kucherov, 26, and tapped their hands. kid.”

Maroon was working a new job a few days before. It wasn’t going to lighten up the scoreboard. It was a lightening of the mood.

It was the day prior to Game 2 of Stanley Cup Final. The Lightning were shivering on the ice in Denver after losing 1-0 to the Avalanche in their series. Kucherov's birthday was celebrated by Maroon (the team's bruising, but jocular veteran wingser) who tried to get a chorus of Happy Birthday To You going for his star player.

Maroon stopped singing after the song ended. He then moved on to his next tension-breaker: Slashing his fellow skaters during their morning skating.

“Obviously, after a loss it's important that you turn the page. Defenseman: “I think that's what made our past successful is to put things behind us.” Victor Hedman said. “Pat does a great job in these situations. He was great throughout the season, and in all of his years here.

Maroon is now in his third season in Tampa. In each of his previous two seasons, he won the Stanley Cup. Lightning want to make it three times, but Maroon already has that goal, winning the Stanley Cup with the 2019 St. Louis Blues, too.

“I feel very lucky and fortunate to be part of this. Maroon, 34 years old, stated that he takes the game seriously. “It never gets boring for me. It's a sacrifice you love. You are a huge fan of the joy in the room after a big win.

Maroon is often the source for happiness in a room.

Coach Jon Cooper stated that “he brings a lot personality.” He creates a positive atmosphere in a quiet room. It was a very useful skill for our group. Our room has a lot to offer, but not too many. He's a character.”

His attention-grabbing gameday outfits to his wickedly funny off-ice insults — which he once mocked Josh Anderson You can find the Montreal Canadiens Maroon has the same number as Maroon's points, which is embarrassing. According to defenseman, Maroon is “one-of-a-kind.” Ryan McDonagh.

McDonagh declared, “He's quite an individual.” He was a familiar character to us. We heard lots about his character and how he was a locker room guy. He was a bit of an odd man, I thought.

McDonagh, Maroon and an agent share a common agent. McDonagh and Maroon were both free agents looking for a team to sign. They played a few rounds together in Minnesota.

What is it like to play with Pat Maroon golf?

McDonagh laughed and said, “He just loves to have fun out there.” Sometimes it's about more than the shot McDonagh hits. It's all about the other activities.

Maroon signed in August 2019 with the Lightning, regardless of whether it was golf or not. It was his fifth NHL appearance. He began his NHL career with the Anaheim Ducks Then, it was with them for five seasons. Edmonton Oilers Parts of three are required before you can go to the New Jersey Devils The 2018 trade deadline. His one season with the Blues saw him win his first Stanley Cup championship. This was a memorable experience for the St. Louis native.

Cooper had left the team at the lowest point of Cooper's tenure. first-round sweep loss The Columbus Blue Jackets This ruined one the best regular seasons of NHL history. The team felt utterly overwhelmed by the anxiety. It was crushing to feel the pressure of unfulfilled promises.

They needed a tension-breaker.

They had to have Pat Maroon.

“When he first came in, it was obvious that he had the ability to bring some life and also have a track record of winning. [Kevin] Shattenkirk Cooper explained that Cooper was very much the same — men who brought a different outlook, some life, and also got to see how they played and the things we could push us to the top. Patty was a great example of that. That kid is quite the character.

McDonagh stated that he could sense the difference as soon as Tampa Bay signed Maroon. It's his ability not to let the room get too serious or keep it light at times, but also his ability to bring the attention back. It's a unique trait. McDonagh stated that not many men can do it and appear natural.

This is Pat Maroon's secret to success and his place as one of the key pieces to the Lightning's championship puzzle. He can be heard hurling a joke at the locker room. He'll say something to them at a critical time, and then he will cut up the locker room with a bellowing joke.

“It seemed like he was something that we needed on and off the Ice. He is a leader. He's a man who's been around for some time. “Winger”: A skilled player that helps others and excels in his role. Alex Killorn said. There are times throughout the season when you need to relax and enjoy yourself. There are also times when you need to say something and then things need to tighten up. Pat, and older guys in general, are more aware of this paradox.

Forward Pierre-Edouard Bellemare Maroon was an opponent of his before he arrived to Tampa last summer. He heard his chirps while on the ice. He didn't hear his words in the locker area.

“When I got there, I realized that it was weird. The guy can be a bit of a clown, with his constant chirping and all. He is, however, an excellent hockey player. He is a good listener and understands what the players need. Bellemare said that he believes it is one of his most important values that many people don’t know about.

Bellemare was familiar with the “pump up” style of playing before. These guys bring the humor or energy.

“This isn't hype. It's all about saying the right thing at just the right moment to avoid bad habits. Or adding to a tremendous momentum. Maroon said that Maroon doesn't get enough recognition for this. “You can't go to win three.” [in a row] Just because you're part of great teams doesn't mean that you should be. They must be added to.”

Maroon believes he can bring the same veteran presence to the Lightning that he enjoyed as a young player. One that is friendly, encouraging, and most importantly, welcoming.

Nick Paul has 27 years old. He was with the group for seven seasons. Ottawa Senators Before being traded at the deadline to the Lightning. He had never been inside another NHL locker. Maroon made his transition much easier, he said.

“He's awesome. He is especially great on the ice. Paul shared that Paul was among the first men to invite him out for dinner. This made me feel more at home. He is a leader of the group. He is not afraid to speak up when necessary. Or saying things that are funny. He is a loud voice in the room.

Paul is a charismatic, charismatic player. He said, “I wouldn’t call it silly, but I’m definitely a man that keeps things light.”

Paul has already been treating Maroon as a role-model on how to communicate with Maroon. “Being able turn the switch whenever you need it. The jokes end when the game begins. It's serious. Paul stated, “It's all we can do to win.”

Maroon is a great helper on the ice and acts as their enforcer whenever necessary. This only enhances his authenticity in the locker room.

“The most important thing about him is his concern for his teammates, and he is willing to do any thing to help them.” It is a good thing. McDonagh stated that he is stern, especially when he needs to. “In our hearts, we know he cares so deeply for everyone in that locker-room.”

Pat Maroon is a class clown. He can also be a motivational speaker. Maroon can also be like Dominic Toretto in “The Fast and Furious”. It's all about the family.

It's all about creating a family atmosphere. Maroon explained that men will respond in less than two minutes if they send a text message to them.

He learned it from Anaheim.

“I strongly believe in building that chemistry off the rink. It will make you feel much better to come to the rink. He stated, “Especially if you're young.” “I still remember how it felt to me to be greeted by a smile at the Anaheim rink. Ryan Getzlaf Oder Corey Perry Oder Teemu SelanneLook up to guys. You will feel so much happier if they say hello to you.

Maroon's arrival to Tampa brought better days for Lightning. He adds his unique talents to the drive for a triple-peat. His goal in Game 3 against Colorado was a key moment in the series' history.

“It's the mental strength of our group. Don't give up. We could have given up in Game 6 against Toronto. Instead, we got our old swagger back,” said he.

“There's an opening that is closing quickly. Let's make history.

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