Bob Melvin, San Diego Padres manager will have prostate surgery Wednesday. Hopes to miss only a part of the road trip

SAN DIEGO — San Diego PadresManager Bob Melvin said Wednesday that he will undergo prostate surgery and that he hopes to miss only a portion of the upcoming road trip.

Melvin stated that he doesn’t believe he has cancer. But, they won’t know until they go in there. He was dressed in street clothes for his pregame session before Tuesday's game against The. Chicago Cubs.

Melvin, who is hired away from OaklandHe stated on Nov. 1 that he's felt various symptoms ever since returning from a roadtrip last Wednesday night.

He was suffering from what the team called a gastrointestinal condition. He was not able to play in the 2-1 victory against Miami last Thursday night. Ryan Christenson was named his replacement.

The Padres announced Monday night that Melvin would be missing a few games, including the series opener against Cubs. The Padres reported that Melvin had improved and they decided to take over the game, which was a 6-0 defeat. Melvin was not feeling well enough for the post-game press conference so Matt Williams, third base coach, took over. The team announced that Christenson entered COVID protocols as an interim manager in the event Melvin was unable to manage.

Christenson was to manage Tuesday evening's game, if he cleared protocol by time, and then in Melvin's absence.

Melvin stated, “Hopefully Ryan is back today, too.” “I don't know what today will look like, but I'm sure it's on the road. Our staff is amazing. They'll do a better job that I would.

The Cubs series is over Wednesday afternoon. The Padres will begin a nine-city road trip, which starts Friday and ends on May 22. Melvin indicated that he will miss the Philadelphia and Atlanta games. The trip ends with three games in San Francisco.

Melvin said, “I will watch and we might have talks every other day about lineups” “I wish it was only Atlanta and Philadelphia. But if it is the whole road trip, it will be the entire trip.

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