Denver Nuggets are under no pressure after their Game 4 win.

DENVER — The Denver NuggetsTheir 126-121 win in Game 4 didn't end their season. They now realize that the Warriors are “beatable.”

After being so dominant in the first two games, the Nuggets left San Francisco to try to hold on to their position. They avoided being swept in the second round and are now returning to the Bay Area for Game 5. With confidence that they can extend this series even further if they play like they did in Denver.

Point guard said, “There is no pressure upon us.” Monte MorrisHe scored 24 points after hitting five 3's in quarter three. “Game 3 and 4 were our best basketball. It was physical, but we showed that.

“We see they can be beat. They are a formidable team. They will make some tough shots if they see their bodies and play our style of basketball. But we know that if we bring our brand of basketball to the table and have the energy, it gives us a chance. That is why I believe it will be different going forward.

With a coach and key players who understand what it takes for a nugget to win, the Nuggets will return to San Francisco. Only 13 times has a team come back from being down 3-1 to win. The Nuggets did it twice in 2020's bubble.

Michael Malone, head coach said that of all the playoffs teams, we feel most at home being down 3-1. “Can you say that we have them exactly where we want them?” No. We are still alive. We will fight another day.”

Malone thanked his Denver team for the energy they gave in Games 3 and 4. He then stated that the Nuggets would need the same from their fans in Game 6 as well.

Malone stated that he wanted to thank all his fans and that Game 6 would require the same. Malone was stern when a reporter laughed at him.

The Nuggets stated that feeling like they lost Game 3 after losing a lead, and winning Game 4, has increased their confidence. They are proud of the way their superstar plays. They were rewarded with an MVP-like performance by the reigning MVP Nikola Jokic.

Jokic was a bit painful in the eye and ended up with 37 points, eight boards and six assists. Aaron GordonHe also scored 21 points, six rebounds, and four assists in his second consecutive strong game. It was also rookie Bones HylandThe home crowd was electrified by, who hit three 3-pointers from 30 feet or more in just over a minute to give the Nuggets an impressive 17-point lead.

Hyland is 6-foot-2 and 169 lbs. He had 15 points and seven assists.

Morris was also instrumental in setting the tone for the Nuggets by committing a foul. Draymond GreenIn the third quarter, he was at the rim. Both friends, who were raised in Michigan, argued with one another, but Morris let them know that he was not backing down.

Hyland replied, “We got muscles inside the heart,” when asked about Morris and Morris's muscles.

Hyland stated that he believed the Warriors could beat them before Game 4. Hyland responded with growing confidence when asked if he still believes that. Hyland responded, “Ofcourse,” “We proved it out there. We can beat anyone if we go out and play Mile High City basketball. We feel like we are an unguardable team. We just go out and play our basketball. It is unguardable.

Denver was able to have a lot of things work out their way, such as Green fouling out at 2:05 and Stephen Curry(33 points) He missed four of 14 free throws — his most missed free throws in a single game. Golden State was able to erase a 10-point quarter deficit and take a 121-119 lead with just 1:41 remaining.

Curry stated, “The fact we had the lead with just a minute and half left speaks volumes about who we are.”

Jokic won the game with a layup, without Green. Then, after Klay ThompsonMissed a 3 Andrew WigginsMorris missed a putback attempt and hit a floater. Austin RiversJokic stole an inbounds pass from the Warriors before Jokic sealed the game by finding Will BartonEnter the corner to get a 3. There are 8.3 seconds left.

Jokic answered a question about whether he applies his experience of the Nuggets’ consecutive 3-1 victories in the bubble to this series against the Jazz and Clippers.

He is aware that this series will be against an experienced team. One that says it has to answer to the Nuggets at Home on Wednesday in Game 5

“We need to go in” [Game 5]Thompson scored 32 points. “We would like to get some rest before the next series and we don’t want back to Denver. We had to bring the mindset that we have something worth proving, and that this was a must-win.

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