NFL schedule 2022 winners and best matchups, must watch debuts, Super Bowl, win total predictions — Experts make the picks

The 2022 NFL scheduleAfter a 16-game schedule in 1978, the league now has 17 regular season games. The regular season kicks offThursday, September 8th: Buffalo BillsVisit the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams. Week 1Also, features Russell WilsonSeattle will welcome back ‘Monday Night Football'. Tom Brady in Dallas, Patrick Mahomes vs. Kyler MurrayMoreover, there are six matchups in the In-Division.

Other highlights for the 2022 slateA Super Bowl LV rematch is possible between the Kansas City Chiefs Tampa Bay Buccaneers(Oct. 2), an offensive duel Aaron Rodgers Josh Allen(Oct. 30-) and a late season Battle of Los Angeles (Jan. 1-2023). There are also five international contests, which includes the league's debut game in Germany (Buccaneers againsts. Seattle SeahawksNovember 13th) and a return trip to Mexico City (Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ersOn Nov. 21 Three London games will feature in the Green Bay Packers— The only NFL team to have yet to play internationally.

What do we think of the 2022 schedule? What's the biggest winner? What games should be added to your calendar? What debut is the best? And which matchups in the late season could be crucial for the postseason. Our panel of NFL experts weighs-in on all this and more, including predictions for the Super Bowl.

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NFL schedule 2022 winners and best matchups, must watch debuts, Super Bowl, win total predictions -- Experts make the picks

Which matchup have you circled in your calendar?

Sarah Barshop, Rams reporter: Rams at Packers, Week 15. These are the best two teams in the NFC, and possibly even the NFL. The playoffs will be interesting because home-field advantage is likely to be at stake. Los Angeles lost to Green Bay in thrilling last season's playoff matchup at Lambeau field. Round 2 is expected to be even more exciting.

Matt Bowen, NFL analyst: Chiefs at Buccaneers, Week 4. It was the first game I saw on the schedule. Patrick Mahomes. Tom Brady. Two attacking defenses. It's great football on a national scale.

Jeremy Fowler is the national NFL writer Chargers at Chiefs, Week 2. From late-game offensive fireworks, to the Chargers numerous failed fourth down calls on primetime, this matchup featured it all. Los Angeles may have had this one circled for awhile. Justin HerbertGood theater is equal to vs. Mahomes

Dan Graziano, national NFL writer: Broncos at Seahawks, Week 1. They are amazing! Russell WilsonSeattle, get back there immediately! How about a Monday Night Football debut. How will he manage it? What will his reception be from the crowd? Wilson and his Broncos storyline is a major highlight of the season. This matchup will be one of the most Hard Feelings Bowl games of the year.

Seth Walder is a sports analytics writer Bills at Rams, Week 1. Sorry for the predictable answer. But, really, what could you ask for? It's the Super Bowl champions from last year versus the most formidable team in the league. While a win would not be enough to heal the injury inflicted on the Bills by their missed opportunity in 2021 it would be a good start.

Which or what is the greatest winner from the schedule release?

Barshop:The Dallas Cowboys. Washington is tied for Dallas' easiest schedule strength, with Dallas having a better end to their season. The Cowboys will play five games against either the weak AFC South team or a crucial divisional opponent in their final five games.

Bowen:The Pittsburgh Steelers. Mike Tomlin's teams don't travel outside of the Eastern time zone during the season. From a player's point of view, any reduction in travel time should be considered a positive.

Fowler:The Washington Commanders. They open the season with Detroit and Jacksonville. They have Atlanta and Houston facing off later in the year. They play in the NFC East which is always favorable. It's time for Ron Rivera, Washington's coach, to win his first ever winning season.

Graziano:The Los Angeles ChargersThe'social media team. You can view their website here. two-minute anime schedule release videoIt is worth checking out. You will find a London shot of Staley on fourth down, a Waffle House shot of Falcons at Jaguars, a QB carousel shot of Colts, a Seahawks QB carousel shot, a Seahawks “RIP Legion of Boom” shot, multiple shots of Brandon Staley chasing after him on fourth down, and a shot of Mile High Stadium catching on flames. I'm referring to: WorkThis is what I saw. Chargers social club team, winners of my night.

Walder:The Buffalo Bills. The schedule release showed Buffalo with the best league net rest differential of plus-13 days relative to its competitors. The Bills will face no opponents after a bye. This is a significant factor in projecting the season. Honorable mention: The Lions with a plus-11-day differential.

What Week 1 debut is most interesting to you, and why?

Barshop:Wilson was already the subject of much intrigue in Denver. But it's not hard to imagine him making his debut against his old team, particularly in Seattle. While the AFC West has been stronger than it is now, the Broncos were a quarterback away of contending for many years. It will be exciting to see if Wilson can reach the next level of an offense that has serious pass-catching talent.



Joe Buck and Troy Aikman breakdown Week 1 Monday Night Football between the Seahawks and Broncos.

Bowen: Davante AdamsThe Raiders' first game against the Chargers is McDaniels's debut with them. It's a great coaching matchup with Brandon Staley and Josh McDaniels. We also get to see Adams in action in the pass game. He is able to win with multiple alignments, making him a three-level target and changing the dynamic of the Vegas offense.

Fowler: The Steelers get the AFC champion Bengals in Week 1, and I'm eager to see the Steelers' post-Ben-Roethlisberger plan at quarterback. Pittsburgh is always able to win under Tomlin. But he always had Big Ben at his side. Now that that option is gone, let's look at how he reinvents Steelers. Mitch Trubisky, Kenny Pickett and/or Mason Rudolph.

Graziano:I'm interested in knowing if Deshaun WatsonHe will either play for the Browns in Week 1, or be suspended. Watson could be playing if he is. This is despite the fact that Watson arrived in Cleveland in a turbulent situation and the mixed emotions among his fans.

Walder:I am curious to see how Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel will make this offense work and how he will combine a deep threat receiver like me. Tyreek HillWith quarterback Tua TagovailoaHe attempted deep balls at one the lowest rates in league last season.

Which win total do you feel most confident about choosing right now?

Barshop: Lions under six wins. Detroit finished 29th last season in offensive and defensive DVOA. Jeff OkudahDraftee change Aidan HutchinsonThese should be of assistance. With Jared GoffDetroit is still below the center and its upside is very limited. This means that it will be unable to win another high-scoring game.

Bowen: ChargersMore than 10 wins. This team has the potential to be a real contender in the AFC with Herbert at the center and some outstanding defense players.

Fowler: SeahawksSix wins. Although Wilson's departure is likely to cause decline, this franchise has nine consecutive winning seasons. Except for the quarterback, the rest of the roster looks better. Seattle will win with a strong running game, a better defense, and enough flash plays by receivers. DK Metcalf Tyler Lockett.

Graziano: SteelersMore than 7.5 wins. While I don’t know who will be the quarterback, I know they have a strong defense. I also know Mike Tomlin won at least eight games every season that he has been a coach.

Walder: 49ers under 10 wins. Do we really want to assume the quarterback? Trey LanceIs it good to start right away? I doubt it. It's difficult to justify 10 wins with a player who is completely unknown and likely below-average at QB. Although the Football Power Index has yet to be released, I was able to get a glimpse at the numbers and it agrees with the below. There is always a chance. Jimmy GaroppoloIt is still the starter, which improves the Niners’ forecast. But you can't be sure.

Let's get it out now: Which matchup from the final season will have playoff implications

Barshop: Chargers at Broncos, Week 18. Last season, it came down to which of the Chargers or Raiders would be in the AFC playoffs. It's a good idea to choose another game from AFC West, as that will give you an even better chance to win. The Chargers vs. Broncos matchup is a great example of Week 18 Sunday Night Football in a winner or go home showdown.

Bowen: Eagles at Cowboys, Week 16. Dallas' Christmas Eve matchup with the NFC East's two best teams. This matchup is a key factor in deciding who wins the division.

Fowler: Patriots at Bills, Week 18. The season finale in Buffalo will see New England visit Buffalo. It seems fitting. New England returns to the place where it was able to throw the ball three times in windy conditions and still controlled the game. Despite the fact that the Bills won back-to-back victories over the Patriots last year (including playoffs), they have had problems with the Patriots over the years. They could repeat the mistake here, with playoff positioning at stake.

Graziano: Ravens at Bengals, Week 18. This could be for AFC North, if the Bengals are able to deliver an encore and if the Ravens can get everybody back in good health and make the run that I expect them too.

Walder: Chargers at Colts, Week 16. These teams are both my favorite this year. This could lead to a Monday Night Football game that will seed two division winners. If one of these teams fails, it could be a battle for a playoff spot.

Which Super Bowl pick are you early?

Barshop:Rams win over Bills These two teams may not play in the first game of the season. The Packers are the Rams biggest rival in the NFC. Although there are many promising AFC teams, only two, the Chiefs or the Bills, are capable of contending each January. I will back Buffalo to make it the next step in this season's AFC.

Bowen:Bills win over Packers Adding an edge rusher Von MillerThis changes the profile of Buffalo's defense. He can win games. He can also close out games with his explosive offense that revolves around the quarterback Josh AllenThis team is ready to win the Super Bowl. I will take the Bills over Rodgers, and the Packers.

Fowler:Packers win over Chargers First Joe BurrowHerbert is now on the brink of making it to the big game. With a powerful running game and Rodgers taking greater chances downfield, the Packers are poised to reinvent themselves. Green Bay is paying Rodgers $50 Million per year to get it done.

Graziano:Packers over Bills. Rodgers finally returns to the big game. But he is unable to pull it off this time as he meets a Buffalo team that has arrived. The league has no better roster than Buffalo's. And the bitter playoff losses of the past two years should help fuel the Bills' rise to the top.

Walder:Buccaneers beat Chargers. Herbert has played at the top-three level as a QB in his young career. Los Angeles also made improvements to its poor defense. Herbert will defeat Brady in Super Bowl. The Chargers will win the AFC West title.

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