Report: Michael Vick will retire to join Fan Controlled Football

Michael Vick, the once-dynamic NFL quarterback whose involvement with a dogfighting ring halted a remarkable career in its prime, has agreed that he will come out of retirement and join Fan Controlled Football, a source said to Reuters.

Vick is a former first-round draft pick. He last played in a National Football League game back in 2015.

Vick, 41 years old, has not been assigned to a team yet.

Vick is the latest high profile player to join Fan Controlled Football. He joins a group that also includes Terrell Owens, who was a Pro Football Hall of Famer, and Johnny Manziel, who had a disappointing NFL career.

Sources say Vick decided to return to the game after seeing Owens' success since signing with the league.

Fan Controlled Football is a simplified 7-on-7 American football game played on a 50-yard indoor pitch. It allows fans to call plays.

The Selection Committee selected Vick Atlanta FalconsWith the first pick of 2001 NFL Draft, he became the first Black quarterback. He also dazzled fans with his speed and passing ability.

Vick was a standout player in Atlanta during his six-season stint with the Falcons. He pleaded guilty to his involvement in the illegal dogfighting business known as “Bad Newz Kennels” in 2007. This led to Vick spending nearly two years in prison.

Vick was back in 2009 with the Philadelphia EaglesHe served as a rare backup but was eventually promoted to the starting role.

Vick played five seasons for Philadelphia and was then promoted to backup. New York JetsAnd Pittsburgh SteelersIn what would be his last two NFL seasons.

Vick retired officially in 2017, after accumulating 22,464 yards of passing and 133 touchdowns over 13 NFL seasons. His 6,109 career rushing yardage is still the highest by a quarterback.

Fan Controlled Football's seven week regular season began in mid-April. It will be followed up by playoffs. All games are held in one Atlanta location.

Vick is expected give Fan Controlled Football ratings a boost, which have, so far, surpassed all previous seasons' viewership.

Fan Controlled Football claims that it attracted more than 12 million viewers across Twitch and Peacock, NBCLX and DAZN this season.

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