Sources: Brooklyn Nets to Defer Philadelphia 76ers 1st-round Draft Pick from James Harden Trade to 2023

One of the assets acquired in the James Harden Blockbuster Trade, Brooklyn Nets Are deferring the acquisition Philadelphia 76ers‘2022 First-round pick at No. Sources told ESPN that 23 players will be selected for the 2023 NBA draft.

Sources say Brooklyn informed the league of the team’s decision on Wednesday. This was hours before the deadline of midnight.

The Nets can defer the pick so they have flexibility for a longer period of time on how to use that pick in trades. They also have the chance to roll the dice and see if the pick will land higher on the draft board next season based on the Sixers' success.

The Nets traded Harden. Paul Millsap For the Sixers Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond The unprotected 2022 pick in the first round and top-8 protected 2027 picks in the second round at the February trade deadline.

The Sixers will select No. 23 on June 23rd, and the Sixers will pick No. Due to conditions owed to many picks teams, including the 2025 first-round (top-6 protected for Oklahoma City) as well as their 2027 pick (top eight protected for Brooklyn), the Sixers won’t be allowed to trade another pick until after seven years.

The Nets 2022 First-Round Pick is a tribute to the Houston Rockets Harden trade

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