Mike McDaniel is the new Miami Dolphins coach. He’s ‘extremely proud’ to be biracially biracial.

MIAMI — DolphinsCoach Mike McDaniel clarified his comments this week, in which he stated that he identified himself “as an human being”, and said that his racial heritage isn't something he just identifies with — it is what he is.

“First and foremost, my race is biracial. My mom is white and my dad is black. McDaniel said that he has been proud of this fact all his life. “It's a rare experience, being a race. Then fully acknowledging the fact that most outside observers see you as something different than the race you are. It's confusing when you're young and this is what's happening.

McDaniel was named the 14th head coach by the Dolphins this week. McDaniel was questioned about his growing up experience and whether his success can help others from similar backgrounds during a Miami news conference on Wednesday.

He called the notion of identification “odd” but added that he didn’t necessarily identify himself as any other than a human being.

McDaniel stated Wednesday that people may identify me as someone, but I am a human being. It's strange that it's brought up, because I have tried to be a good person and my background helps me see a bit more clearly. I have never had to deal with racism. My mom did experience it when she married my father. I'm sure my dad had it, and that it's also in my family. It makes me a human being who can understand other peoples' problems.

McDaniel's biracial heritage did make him vulnerable to racism when he was a child. His friends were not allowed to stay the night at McDaniel's house on multiple occasions. McDaniel had initially “no idea” what the reason was, but after several temper tantrums, Donna, McDaniel's mother finally revealed it. McDaniel also described McDaniel's mother's rejection of him for marrying and having a child with Black men as “eye-opening.”

McDaniel recalled that McDaniel was five years old when he visited his paternal grandmother. It was there that he discovered he was not like everyone in the photographs. McDaniel said that he tried to understand the confusion he experienced growing up as a person who identified him as a different race.

“I think I said what I meant.” [Wednesday]It is important that you realize something at some point. “And it was for me, ‘OK. You're a human. That was my resolution. This was how I solved it in my own experience. This is what helped me to not get so confused during the entire process.

“It gave me a unique perspective because I am bi-racial. I know that these things are wrong but people are trying to identify me as someone else. It's not working for me. It's a conflicting emotion.

McDaniel joins Dolphins following four seasons as a member of the Dolphins San Francisco 49ersThis includes serving as the team’s offensive coordinator. In the NFL's diversity and hiring incentive program, the 49ers will get a third round pick in each of its next two drafts.

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