Siwan Lillicrap: A captain from Wales moves to Gloucester, now that he is out of Bristol

Siwan Lillicrap
Siwan Lillicrap helped Bristol reach semi-finals of the Premier 15s.

Siwan Lillicrap from Wales has joined Gloucester Hartpury.

The 34-year-old backrow player, who was the first woman to win a professional contract through the WRU, has won 45 caps in her country’s favor.

Lillicrap spent the last two seasons at Bristol, helping them reach the semi-finals of the Premier 15s.

After her colleague, Sheila, an international student, has moved to Gloucester for the second time this week. England flanker Alex Matthews.

On Monday, the club extended Zoe Aldcroft’s contract as World Player of the year.

“We are blessed to be able to have a number internationals here at Gloucester–Hartpury, and we are thrilled to have another experienced player join us,” Sean Lynn, head coach, stated to the club website.

“She’s a great player, and I’m really excited to have her in our squad. I know that she will have a positive impact on all the other players.”

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